Congratulations to our blogathon winners

We are happy to announce the results of our student blogging competition.

The post with most likes was Abi Glen’s scatalogically pun-tastic take on John of Ardene’s medical manuscripts, and the post which won the prize for the one “we liked best” was Kate Tittley’s piece on working with the Scottish Theatre Archive.


After a rather slow start (was it because it was timed during the exam period or that students just like to leave meeting deadlines to the last minute??) we were pleased to receive eleven entries for the competition. We enjoyed reading them all, and were delighted with the range of archives and books that were highlighted; we hope that this gives an inspirational glimpse of the wealth of primary resources available to students’ fingertips here at Glasgow.

Our winners will each receive a prize of £200, generously provided by the Friends of Glasgow University Library.

As sponsors of the competition, the difficult task of choosing a winner was given to a representative from the Friends committee. Like us, she was impressed by the overall high standard of the entries, and mentions enjoying in particular the tale by Edith Halvarsson about the Danish women students who came to GU in 1908, the story by  Klara Kofen about Scottish Medical Students on an excursion to Nazi Germany‘, and Toni Georgieva’s ‘Silk Exhibition in the Archives‘. However, Kate’s post was selected as the eventual winner for “her enthusiasm, her sharing of her personal journey and her comparison of her research materials with what will be available from today’s social media. It is a thoughtful piece but written in an informal and engaging style. It draws the reader in to the archive with tantalising comments and links”.

Many thanks to all our entrants for participating in the blogathon. It was certainly fascinating for us to find out what use is being made of our material (which isn’t always obvious from the other side of the fence). And we hope that you all continue to enjoy using Special Collections and Archives, even without a cash incentive!

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