Need software to help capture and format references?

Endnote, the bibliographic management software, is undergoing a quiet revolution.
There is a new iPad version that’s available at a reduced cost of 69p from iTunes during the month of July.

Screen shot of iPad app web page

Launched this summer there is also a free version for anyone with internet access to use. Note – this is a cut down version of the Endnote that you can access for free via your university Web of Science account so we would advise you still use that account while a student or member of staff at the University of Glasgow but the new ‘free for anyone’ version gives you the option of continuing to use Endnote after you’ve graduated. The names of these services are confusing at the moment and even the company doesn’t seem to have settled on final naming conventions yet but, as I write this post on the 19th July 2013, the ‘free for anyone’ version is called ‘Endnote Basic’ and the version that you access via your Web of Science account is called ‘Endnote Web’.

screen capture of endnote basic web page

All of this means that you can have access to a simplified version of Endnote that you can use both on an iPad and via a web browser from your desktop for just 69p. You can download references on the go and then sync from one device to another so you have the same information regardless of where you are.

I’d be interested to know what you think of this service and what help or support you’d like to see for it. Comment below or e-mail me on

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  1. Thanks for drawing attention to the free version of Endnote.

    It set me thinking about a facility I would like to see implemented by GUL. I scan a quite long list of journals and look at many of them every dbrowser bookmarks in my computer, accessing the journals via GUL and a VPN connection. But as I understand that this is now deprecated I am starting to go via the e-journals list instead. But with journal titles widely spaced in the alphabet this is somewhat cumbrous. It would be sleeker if I could instead store a list of journal aliases on the GUL computer or 9f possible on my home machine, aliases that point to the serial titles/links in the main e-journal list. 

    Is something of this kind possible or even contemplated?

    Thanks in advance,

    Bernie Cohen


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