Graduates 2013/1913: MD Theses

Tomorrow sees the graduation of the students from the School of Medicine. Congratulations to the medics!

Images of John Cruickshank's thesis

Images of John Cruickshank’s thesis (click to enlarge)

The rigorous study of medicine is constantly moving forward with new discoveries being made every day. While the subject very much looks to the future and to the further development of the field, it can also be very interesting to look at the research of the past.

Today we are featuring a couple of illustrious alumni who graduated with MDs in 1913 and who wrote fascinating theses, for their degrees, which can be a great resource for researchers today.

John Cruickshank graduated MD with Honors in 1913 and later became the Professor of Bacteriology at Aberdeen University from 1926-54. He was made CBE in 1946 and was granted an honorary degree from Aberdeen in 1955 and a further LLD from Glasgow in 1958. His MD thesis was called: ‘The Chemistry and Biochemistry of Lecithin and other Lipoids-1913’.

Another MD from 1913 was Kate Fraser who graduated with High Commendation. Kate Fraser was a pioneering psychiatrist whose interest in the workings of the mind can be seen in her MD thesis: ‘Feeble Minded Children: an Inquiry into Mental Deficiency in School Children…’. She was the first woman to be appointed as Deputy Commissioner of the General Board of Control for Scotland in 1914 and a full Commissioner in 1935.

Kate Fraser

Kate Fraser

MD theses of the past can be a great source for research and can help us see how far we have come in terms of medical research.

The MD theses are available for consultation in the University of Glasgow Library. You can search them here.

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