Graduates 2013/1913: International BSc graduates

Today sees the graduation of students receiving BSc degrees from the School of Life Sciences and the School of Medicine. Congratulations all!

Matriculation slip of Amar Nath

Matriculation slip of Amar Nath

As a result we are taking a look back at the university careers of some international students who graduated BSc 100 years ago: Amar Nath, Sze Shee Woo, and Sze Yune Woo.

Amar Nath, born in Gurdaspur, Punjab, India, enrolled at the University in 1911. During his studies he took classes including Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, and Naval Architecture. He was awarded with a first class certificate in ‘Electricity, Pure and Applied’ and after his graduation in 1913 he returned to Pakistan and worked as a civil engineer in the Chunian District of Lahore.

Amar’s brothers were also graduates of the University of Glasgow: Kedar Nath and Prem Nath.

Sze Shee Woo was born in Nanking (Nanjing), Jiangsu Province, China. He first matriculated in 1909, aged 21, and studied subjects such as Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry and Engineering.

Sze Yune Woo first matriculated in the same year as Sze Shee Woo though Sze Yune Woo was born in Loochow Village, Foochow (Fuzhou). He studied similar subjects to Sze Shee Woo: such as Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Engineering and Geology.

Sze Yune Woo's matriculation slip

Sze Yune Woo’s matriculation slip

For more information about the international students attracted to the University of Glasgow over the years, have a look at the International Story web-page.

If you would like to find out more about any international graduates from 1913 please e-mail:

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