Open talk on Lord Kelvin – his achievements

Lord Kelvin photoLord Kelvin – His Achievements Today is the subject of the talk arranged by The Friends of Glasgow University Library which is being held on Thursday 18th April 2013 in the Kelvin Building, level 4, at 7pm.  The Kelvin Exhibition in the same building is open from 6.30pm. Entry to the Kelvin Building can be made via the Botany Gate.

Professor William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, taught at the University of Glasgow for 53 years and was elected Chancellor in 1904. In research and application he was a world giant in mathematics, physics and engineering.  He made significant discoveries and advances in magnetism, electricity and thermodynamics, maritime sciences, and international communication. He was actively involved in applying his advances in commercial companies, including becoming vice-chairman of Kodak Ltd.

The Professor became the first UK scientist to be elevated to the House of Lords, and is interred in Westminster Abbey.

Thomson caricature on laying of the Transatlantic telegraph cable

The Talk and Exhibition is being conducted by Dr Ken Skeldon, who is a graduate of Glasgow in Physics and Mathematics and his Research Fellowships here for a decade have centeredon lasers and optics applied to diverse areas including astronomy, oil-prospecting and medicine. He is an active member of the British Science Association and of the Royal Astronomical Society, and currently Head of Public Engagement with Research at the University of Aberdeen.

There will be time to enjoy the Kelvin Exhibition before and after the talk, including material acquired recently helped by a grant of £20,000 from the Friends.

The Talk is open to all. More details about The Friends of Glasgow University Library can be found on the Library website.

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