Reading lists @ Glasgow: We Want You!

As mentioned on the blog back in December ( Reading Lists @ Glasgow, a new resource collection tool, is being implemented at the University. After a successful trial run with postgraduate courses in the School of History we’re now looking for members of staff who are interested in using the software to complement their teaching in the upcoming 2013/2014 session.

As an added incentive the Library is offering a list creation service to assist academic staff with the move to this new system. Submit your existing reading list and it will be replicated using Reading Lists @ Glasgow. This is done with the understanding that, once complete, any updates and continued maintenance of the list will rest with the member of staff it belongs to. Updating lists is very straight forward and new resources can be added in a matter of minutes. Creating a list from scratch does take some time but the Library has kindly offered to help you over this hurdle. To take advantage of this service please email

It’s important to note that this is work that can be carried out now in advance of the summer when lists will be handed back to their owners. The earlier the list is submitted the better in terms of rolling them out for 2013/2014. These don’t have to be the up-to-date lists staff wish to use for teaching in the next session because updating a list in the system can be done very quickly before teaching begins and support will be provided to assist with familiarisation of the software.

Guidance is now available from the Library web pages providing information on getting started for those of you who are keen to begin using the system yourselves:

Pilot Feedback

You too could monitor resource usage thanks to the handy built in analytics feature shown below:


It’s interesting to note that this screen was taken at the end of week 6 of the course (Dr Karin Bowie’s ‘Scottish Popular Culture 1500-1800’ It shows that students were already looking ahead to the reading for week 7.

Student feedback from the History pilot has been overwhelmingly positive. Some examples are provided below:


Get in touch, join today!

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