Web of Science improvement: finding publications from specific institutions

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It has always been possible to search for organisation names within the address field on Web of Science but this can be very imprecise. If an author has listed their organisation as ‘Univ Glasgow’ or ‘Inst Med Sci’ then you will never find their articles when looking for research published by staff at the ‘University of Glasgow’.

To overcome this problem Thomson Reuters, the owners of Web of Science  have created a new field called ‘Organisation-Enhanced’ in which they have brought together all publications from a specific institution, such as the University of Glasgow. There are over 300 variations and child organisations listed for the parent organisation ‘University of Glasgow’.

To see how to use this field to your advantage, for example to find institutions who may be researching within a specific area or to identify publications from the University of Glasgow on a particular topic, watch the five minute video below from Thomson-Reuters.


Web of Science has a lot of training support videos available online that you might like to browse.

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