Free Talk about David Stow: his achievements and contributions to educational reform

David Stow portraitThe first Talk of 2013 arranged by The Friends of Glasgow University Library which is being held on Tuesday 19th February at 7pm in the Mackenna room on level 7 of the Library. Refreshments will be available following the talk.

Dr Glenda White, distinguished education lecturer, retired inspector of schools and now an Honorary Teaching Fellow of the University of Glasgow will speak about her favourite person David Stow (1793-1864), his achievements, his contributions to educational reform, and what he might do today if he was here.

By trade a silk merchant in Glasgow, David Stow devoted much of his time to the teaching Drawing of the Normal Schoolof Infants, creating the tuppeny school in the Drygate. He also pioneered the training of teachers and his system became the foundation, in 1837, of the first teacher-training institution in Britain, the Normal Seminary for the Training of Teachers in Cowcaddens, known to many as the Normal School. Students came from across Britain.

Jordanhill CollegeAfter the Disruption of the Kirk in 1843 a second college, the Free Church Normal Seminary, also in Cowcaddens, was created in 1845. The two colleges finally combined in 1922 on a new site at Jordanhill where the centre-piece building of Jordanhill College is named after its founder, David Stow.

The Talk is open to all. More details about The Friends of the Library can be found on the Library website. The next talk kindly organised by FGUL, will take place on 18th April 2013 in The Kelvin Building at  7pm on the subject of, ‘Lord Kelvin’s achievements today’. The speaker will be Dr Kenneth Sheldon.

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