Astronomy in the University of Glasgow

Calendar Regiomontanus, 1482

Calendar Regiomontanus, 1482 (Special Collections, Sp Coll BD7-f.13)

We are happy to announce our new exhibition in the library “Astronomy in the University of Glasgow”.

Alexander Wilson became the first Regius Chair of Astronomy in the University of Glasgow in 1760. Since then the Department of Astronomy has a long and distinguished history.

The exhibition in Am Fosglan (on level 2 of the main library) describes this history, and the various Observatories associated with the department. Historic and current materials from the University Library collections are also represented.

We welcome all visitors to view this fascinating poster exhibition during normal library opening hours.

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2 replies

  1. No he did not! He was the first Regius Professor in this subject, appointed to, holding, or sitting in the Regius Chair of Astronomy.

    Please keep to the original words. To call someone a “Chair” is nonsensical.

    Languages do evolve, but not all changes represent progress. More discrimination, please!

    • Bernard,
      The words ‘Regius Chair of Astronomy’ are used in the publicity for the Conference where this display originated. However, I do agree with you. I used them carelessly.
      Honor Hania, Library Display Group.

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