Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday this year falls on Sunday 11th November. Every year on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the country remembers the sacrifices of our service men and women.

The university has significant holdings relating to conflict, military history, politics and our Armed Forces, including valuable primary resources such as photos, maps, University records, statistics, diaries from the front line, and parliamentary debates.

Special Collections

In Special Collections, our holdings include a collection donated by the Reunion Club of the 6th Battalion Queens’ Own Cameron Highlanders’ in 1974 of written reminiscences, photographs, press cuttings, and other memorabilia. These provide an insight into the Battalion’s service during the First World War. One of their number was Francis MacCunn, a member of University staff in the Department of History. You can find out more about his service, and the Reunion Club’s collection in Special Collections Book of the Month, September 2005

Francis MacCunn

Photograph of Francis MacCunn
Reference: MS Gen 1376/11/1

For more information on Special Collections, please find us via our contact details, or on level 12 of the library. We have also provided online assistance in locating World War One primary source materials in Special Collections.

Maps, Official Publications and Statistics Unit

In the Maps, Official Publications and Statistics Unit, our holdings include a silk ‘Map of the World’ produced by the War Office during the years 1941-1957, with an inset of Germany and Belgium. War maps were printed on fabric due to its durability in comparison with paper. Fabric maps suffer less during heavy use under certain conditions such as wet or humid environments.

Fabric Map  1:1,000,000 : world

Fabric [silk] Map of the World 1:1,000,000 scale, published by the War Office, General Staff Geographical Section,1941-1957.
Reference: Case Maps C1 41

For more information on Maps, Official Publications and Statistics collections, please find us via our contact details, or on level 7 of the library. We currently have a display on level 7 about our trench map archive.

Archive Services

The University Archives document the administration of the University in the time of war, highlighting the impact of warfare on staff, students, academic coursework and the University’s property. In 1940, the University Principal, Hector Hetherington, issued a notice seeking volunteers for fire patrols to deal with incendiary bombs and small fires which they created.

Volunteer Fire Patrols - call for volunteers

Fire Patrols – Urgent call for volunteers
Reference: GUA 34538
Click for larger size

More information about the University during the First and Second World Wars can be found on the University of Glasgow Story. This site includes the online Rolls of Honour for both the First World War and the Second World War. The Remembrance Panels, where the names of those who served are inscribed, can be found in the University Chapel.

For more information on the collections held by Archive Services, please see our website, or find us on Thurso Street. We have also provided a list of War Studies Source List to help with locating items in our archive collections.

Elsewhere in the Library

You can use Quicksearch to discover more of our materials on the subject of war, including published histories and reference works. These include the Oxford companion to World War II, an excellent reference source which is available online for University staff and students, and the Official campaign histories of World War II, including campaigns in the Mediterranean and Middle East and in the West.

If you have an enquiry about our materials please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the relevant departments mentioned above. For enquiries about materials held elsewhere in the library please contact Library Services, who will forward your enquiry to the appropriate department or College Support Librarian.

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