The first of four Library Talks for 2012/13 takes place on Thursday 25th October 2012 when Professor Maggie Cusack describes how Sir Alwyn Williams combined the post of Glasgow University Principal while continuing his investigative academic career, researching, explaining and publishing his discoveries in geology. He revolutionised the university. He hired new young staff, introduced a computing department, recognised the need for scientific disciplines to be applied more widely and improved research rigour so that the university gained a considerable reputation.

During this time he also became President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and conducted a report on the National Museum of Antiquities, which led to the establishment of the Museum of Scotland. Professor Cusack is Head of the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, and her talk is titled Sir Alwyn Williams – Principal Investigator.

The Talk starts at 7pm, preceded by the AGM at 6.30pm, in the McKenna Room, on level 7 of the University Library, followed by refreshments on Level 9, and is open to visitors. Each year the Library Talks are promoted by The Friends of Glasgow University Library whose webpages form part of the Library`s website. Other Talks planned for the McKenna Room, unless otherwise stated, are –

William Wallace – Pretender and Accidental Hero? 22nd November, by Dr John Reuben Davies
David Stow – A Sort of Amateur Teacher 19th February 2013, by Dr Glenda White
Lord Kelvin`s Achievements Today 18th April 2013, Dr Kenneth Skeldon

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