British Cheese Week

Advertisement from Company of Scottish Cheese Makers (UGD 357/10/38d)

This week is British Cheese Week, which aims to promote all that is good about British cheese. If you’re looking to branch out and try new things, or you’re more of a beginner who can’t tell your Cheddar from your Gouda, then this is the week for you!

You shouldn’t have any problems finding some cheese tasting events in your local area: supermarkets, restaurants and (of course) cheese-makers will be supporting this week across the UK, and a Great British Cheese Festival will be taking place at Cardiff Castle, celebrating all kinds of cheeses and offering an insight into the art of cheese making. But, if you’re feeling a bit cheesed off (har har) that there is no such festival in Glasgow, fear not- our collections here at Archive Services could help satisfy your curiosity in cheese making (but not your taste buds, unfortunately).

Advertisement of the Company of Scottish Cheese Makers (UGD 357/10/38a)

We have an interesting collection on the Company of Scottish cheese-makers (UGD357) which contains a great deal of advertisements for Scottish cheeses, as well as recipes and information on all the different kinds of cheese produced. Maybe these recipes can inspire you to try new things, or to recreate old-fashioned dishes!

Recipes from Company of Scottish Cheese Makers (UGD 357/10/37)

If you are interested in finding out more about these collections please contact us. Happy eating! Until next time,

‘The Big Cheese’

Advertisement from Company of Scottish Cheese Makers (UGD 357/10/37c)

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  1. What is a recipe?: a recipes project virtual conversation – University of Glasgow Library

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