Oldest records from the University Archive on display

Last night we put on display the two oldest documents from the University Archive.  They are two inspeximuses issued in 1304 by the Chapter of Glasgow to the Dominican Black Friars. They were displayed to mark the launch of the previously blogged People of Medieval Scotland database.

Mike Russell, MSP, Prof Anton Muscatelli, Principal, and Prof Dauvit Broun, Prof of Medieval Scottish History at the launch of the online database

Moved by the sorry plight of the post-Reformation University of Glasgow, Mary, Queen of Scots made a donation of ecclesiastical lands and rights including those formerly belonging to the Glasgow Dominicans.  The 1304 documents on display were are part of a series that accompanied her gift as evidence of the University’s entitlements.

Through the centuries the University has protected these documents firstly to ensure the rights of our successors and latterly as an important part of the Nation’s heritage.  The first known catalogue of these charters was produced in 1712 by Robert Alexander of Blackhouse and they have since been known collectively as the ‘Blackhouse Charters’.  They contain some of the earliest references to named plots and identifiable houses within Glasgow as well as some of the earliest references to named people in the west of Scotland.

For more information on the Blackhouse Charters see our online guide.

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Moira Rankin, Senior Archivist

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