Scotlands oldest documents online

A new interactive online database, which will make thousands of the oldest documents in Scotland’s history available to the public, is being launched by the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, Michael Russell MSP, today at the University of Glasgow.

The People of Medieval Scotland (PoMS) project has catalogued over 21,000 individuals mentioned in 8,600 documents. The documents, written between 1093 and 1314, tell the story of Scotland’s transformation from a land of patchwork regions to an established kingdom with fixed borders and modern systems of government.

Films crews from BBC Scotland and STV have visited the Archive Services searchroom over the past couple of days to film some of our oldest documents. Dauvit Broun, Professor of Scottish History at the University of Glasgow, was also filmed here discussing the significance of some of these documents.

The database of documents can be accessed through the following link. We will provide more details after the launch event!

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