In the news: R D Laing and Kingsley Hall

Laing pictured in the 1980s. (MS Laing WF21)

Already the subject of a nomination on this year’s Turner Prize shortlist (see earlier blog post), the work of psychiatrist and University of Glasgow graduate, R D Laing (1927-1989) is also the focus of an exhibition and publication about former residents of Kingsley Hall, a community house in East London set up in the 1960s by Laing and his colleagues in the Philadelphia Association. A number of former residents have been interviewed about their time there and photographed for a new book featured in an article in The Observer on 2 September. R D Laing studied Medicine at the University of Glasgow, graduating in 1951 (see entry on ‘World Changing’ website). Special Collections holds Laing’s personal library and archive.

Update (Oct 2012): The residents : stories of Kingsley Hall, East London, 1965-1970 and the experimental community of R D Laing by Dominic Harris is now available to consult in Special Collections.

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