The last of graduates 2012/1912: 29th June

Today sees the last of the June 2012 graduations in the Bute hall of the University of Glasgow and so this is a last look back at the graduates of one hundred years ago.

Students who studied subjects in the School of Culture and Creative Arts, the School of Modern Languages and Cultures and the School of Humanities graduate with their MA degrees today. We have chosen three 1912 MA graduates who excelled in Languages, and also a wide range of MA subjects, to celebrate in this last graduation post.

James Hume Adams won many prizes for Modern Languages. Some of these include: a first class certificate and 2nd prize for German Language and Literature, 2nd prize (offered by the Franco-Scottish Society) for French Language and Literature and also a first class certificate and 1st prize for German Language and Literature which he won in 1910.

James in the prize list (SEN10/52)

Elizabeth Battiscombe Cosh was another student gifted in Languages. She picked up 4 first class certificates in the subjects German Language and Literature and English Language. She came 2nd in her class for English Language in 1911 and 1st place in the subject the next year. These students certainly make a pair of very clever linguists!

The last graduate we will feature is George Alexander Johnston; a remarkable student who won numerous prizes in a wide range of MA subjects. In his first year he won: 2nd prize in Logic and Metaphysics; 1st prize (the Scott-Macfarlan Gold Medal) in Greek; 1st prize in Greek prose and, again, 1st prize in Greek translation. In his second year of study he was awarded: 1st prize for Mathematics; 2nd prize for Moral Philosophy; 1st prize in ‘Mrs John Caird’s Prize of Five Guineas for Excellence in the Essays of the Class’; and 1st prize in Political Economy (the ‘Alexander Smart Memorial Prize of £10 in Books’). In his third year he won a ‘Coulter Prize of £5 for a Study of M. Cornelius Fronto’ and in his fourth year he achieved: a first class certificate in Logic and Metaphysics; ‘Proxime Accesit’ (2nd in the class) for Moral Philosophy; and a distinction certificate for Political Philosophy.

George appearing three times on one page of the prize list (SEN10/50)

George Alexander Johnston certainly seems to have been a student who was not only a ‘Jack of all trades’, but a master of them too!

We wish all graduates of 2012 the best of luck for the future and hope you have enjoyed this visit to the past. If you would like to find out more information about any graduates from 1912 or share your own stories with us, we would love to hear from you. All graduates from 1912 are searchable on our University Story web-page. You can also comment on any of the blog-posts or contact the Duty Archivist. Please do get in touch!

Honours Classics class from 1912

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