New Lanark Mill Archives

Our enhanced New Lanark Mills catalogue is now online.

Above from left to right: Births, Marriages and
Deaths Register: 1818-1853, Visitors Book: 1795-1799, New Lanark Population Statistics:1806-1861.

Part of the Gourock Ropework Co collection, it features gems such as a births, marriages, and deaths register; photographs, including scenes of the village and employees at work; Robert Owen’s diary; and artefacts, including a sign for Robert Owen and Co, a medal, and even a letterbox from the village!

Metal nameplate for Robert Owen and Co (early 19th century)

I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the new book, Robert Owen and His Legacy, edited by Chris Williams and Noel Thompson, at the New Lanark Heritage Centre last Sunday.  This gave me the opportunity to have a chat with some of the members and friends of the heritage centre about their interest in Robert Owen and New Lanark. We were treated to a short presentation by the editors, and then a group discussion, in which I learned that there are proposals to create a new town called ‘Owenstown’ in honour of Robert Owen!

Medal awarded to the Gourock Ropework Group at the gardening and forestry exhibition, London (1893)

The New Lanark heritage centre is in the process of cataloguing its own archives, and is opening a search room in the next year.

We are hoping to work together once the searchroom is up and running, and to collaborate in order to assist researchers and those with an interest in learning more about New Lanark. If you are interested in finding out more about this collection please contact us.

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