In the media: Thomas Leckie’s 18th century diary

This week’s ‘Sunday Morning with…’ programme on BBC Radio Scotland included a feature on Thomas Leckie (1678-1723), who studied theology at the University of Glasgow before becoming Minister of Kilmaronock Parish Church, near Loch Lomond, in 1703. Special Collections hold six of his notebooks, including his diary for 1718-1719, which historian Anne Ellis and parishioner Christine Ross came to see as part of the programme.

Thomas Leckie’s diary, 1718-1719 (MS Gen 562)

Thomas Leckie’s diary entry for 30 November 1718.

The broadcast also includes an extract from the diary read by current Minister, Fred Booth. As Christine says, the diary gives a wonderful flavour of life 300 years ago, when Leckie had to travel around his parish on horseback, while referring to places familiar to people living in the area today. The programme is available online until Saturday 19th May. (The feature on Leckie begins at 1 hour 24 minutes, 26 seconds in and lasts just over 7 minutes.)

Thomas Leckie was a student at the University of Glasgow from 1693 and would have attended classes at its previous site on High Street, in the east of the city.

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