New books in the Library Week Beg 9th April 2012

Below is a selection of books recently received by the Library.  See also: full list of new books for week beg 09 April 2012 , including links to the individual records for each one [PDF]

Neuroanatomy : an atlas of structures, sections, and systems / Duane E. Haines 8th ed Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2012 Anatomy qRF13 2012-H
How to think like a Neandertal / by Thomas Wynn and Frederick L. Coolidge Oxford University Press, c2012. Archaeology B150 WYN
Fundamentals of enzyme kinetics / Athel Cornish-Bowden 4th ed Wiley-VCH, c2012. Biochem E8 2012-C
Supramolecular polymer chemistry / edited by Akira Harada Wiley-VCH, c2012. Chemistry M356 2012-H
Reading the Letters of Pliny the Younger : an introduction / Roy K. Gibson and Ruth Morello Cambridge University Press, 2012. Classics NP360 7/GIB
Leadership and the reform of education / Helen M. Gunter Policy, 2012 Education N15 2012-G
Islamic art and visual culture : an anthology of sources / edited by D. Fairchild Ruggles Wiley-Blackwell, 2011. Fine Arts A6260 RUG     
Human rights in international relations / David P. Forsythe 3rd ed Cambridge University Press, c2012. Law L45 FOR4
The cognitive neuroscience of memory : an introduction / Howard Eichenbaum 2nd ed Oxford University Press, c2012. Physiology RH40 2012-E

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