International Women’s Day 2012

In honour of International Women’s day today, we thought we’d take a look at some important and successful women from here at the University of Glasgow.

With a long history of oppression towards women all over the world, and indeed oppression still occurring today, International Women’s day celebrates the achievements of women from all eras. The day has been observed since the early 1900s and is celebrated every year, on the 8th March, to promote equality and celebrate achievement.

Information about International Women’s day can be found here.

Marion Gilchrist

One of our most famous female graduates is Marion Gilchrist (1864-1952), the first woman to gain a medical degree from the University. She graduated with an MB CM in July 1894 with the distinction of a high commendation.

Marion was a very active student and was Vice-President of the Queen Margaret College Student Union, Vice-President of the Literary and Debating Society, and Convener of the Queen Margaret College Committee of the Glasgow University Liberal Club. The Marion Gilchrist Prize is named after her. You can find out more about Marion Gilchrist here .

Marbai Ardesir Vakil

Another very famous female graduate in medicine was Marbai Ardesir Vakil (1868- c.1948) who was born in Bombay, and was the first female Asian graduate, gaining an MB CM in 1897. After graduation she spent two years working as a postgraduate in Glasgow, before returning to Bombay to work in hospitals. You can find out more about her medical career here.

You can also read about many other successful women linked with the University of Glasgow at our University Story website.

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