Glasgow Incunabula Project update (20/12/11)

The latest ten incunabula to be found on the project website are:

This is the final blog post for 2011.  So far, we have catalogued 529 incunables for the main library book search (that is just over half way!), and 430 of these books are fully described, indexed and illustrated via the dedicated project website. We have received positive feedback throughout the year, but always welcome suggestions, so please keep your comments coming.

Nativity scene

Nativity scene from The Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus Christ (Westminster: Caxton, ca. 1490) Sp Coll Hunterian Bv.2.24.

There is still much work to be done, with a growing number of queries being put to “one side” that need further research. However, at the current rate of progress, we are hoping to complete the project in 2014. As a grand finale, we are also now planning on mounting an exhibition of the incunabula in the University’s Hunterian Art Gallery in the summer of 2014. Although this seems like a long time away yet, we are already making preliminary decisions about themes and drawing up (very) long lists of potential exhibits, and we are excited that this will be a great way to round off the project and publicise our outstanding collection of 15th century books further.

In the meantime, to all our blog readers – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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