House of Fraser Archive: The Spirit of Christmas Past

To continue in the Christmas Spirit, brought to us at GUAS this Yule-tide by the launch of the new House of Fraser on-line catalogue on Christmas day, we would like to ask you about your Christmas memories of The House of Fraser department store.

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I came across this picture of me and my brothers, aged 4, meeting Father Christmas in Frasers in 1994 and thought I’d share the happy memory of my Christmas past. As we walked through the doors of Frasers that winters day and saw the store, sumptuously decorated and twinkling, we really felt that we were in Santa’s grotto. It was a marvellous atmosphere, and better still upon meeting the man himself.

 We would love to hear your Christmas memories of the House of Fraser, whether you did, or do, your Christmas shopping there or whether you, too, met Santa. Leave your comments and share the memories of your Christmas past.

And don’t forget to keep following our Advent Calendar and its wonderful pictures from the Christmas past of the House of Fraser collection.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. This shop was always a wee bit out of my reach.. I didn visit when young when it was in Argyle st. and used to try out the Chanel perfumes… I remember getting a new coat from the boutique upstairs.. and a Mary Quant dress.. then I worked as a cleaner for as short time in the other shop in Buchanan street… we were worked like skivvies if I rememeber and watched all the time from upstairs security.. so it wasnt a pleasant experience Im afraid.. nice shop if you have the cash though…. I preferred Lewis s at Xmas. sadly long gone.


  1. The Business of Father Christmas « University of Glasgow Library

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