Through the Conservation Keyhole: Behind the scenes in the conservation studio

In the Preservation Unit, we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of Gilbert Scott’s birth with a new conservation project.
Archive Services hold over a hundred of the Scott plans and details for the main University buildings.
In March 2011, the collection of Gilbert Scott plans has been assessed and selected. The architectural drawing plans couldn’t be exhibited without causing severe damage to the fragile paper.Image

Through the last six months the Paper Conservator with students from Technical Art History Department have prepared a selection of plans for an upcoming exhibition at Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum. Our students, Claire and Kim, spent three months in the conservation studio. Their student work placement focused their research skills into paper materials and analytical conservation techniques. This unique collection has given the students much insight into the working methods and materials of George Gilbert Scott’s practice. Students have had the opportunity to interpret the work in a historical context.  During their research, Claire and Kim have designed and made posters, which were presented as a sample of their research on a course on George Gilbert Scott at Oxford University. Gilbert Scott’s plans are now on display in the Hunterian Museum.


It was a pleasure to work with students who have such passion and enthusiasm. Their posters now hang on the wall in the conservation laboratory and on our conservation table is the next project.

The work never ends…..


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