Introducing Articles QuickSearch

We’re in the midst of exciting developments in the way we search for articles using QuickSearch.  We’re replacing our ‘Find Articles and More’ service with an enhanced article searching service.   Work is ongoing – some articles are available through QuickSearch today and this selection will increase extensively over the coming weeks.

Similar to ‘Find Articles and More’ this new service allows you to search multiple resources and databases, but with added benefits.   You’ll be offered more refined article profiles, making it easier for you to choose subject areas relevant to your studies and research.   It’s also easier for you to get to articles – type a keyword in to the QuickSearch box and you’ll see articles results on the main results screen, along with books, journals and other library items.   Another enhancement is the ability to search for articles only, if you’re not interested in finding books or other resources.

Please note that the option to save your own searches from Find Articles and More to your library account, will no longer be available, and existing saved searches will be lost when Find Articles and More is removed. Find Articles and More is still available for now, but may be removed at any time, so please log in to your library account and take a note of any saved searches that you don’t want to lose.

For further information on this new service, please read our Introducing Articles Quicksearch news item.

We’ll keep you updated with progress, and hope you like this new service.

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