Library services for your mobile

The Library is pleased to introduce a range of services specially designed for users of smartphones (e.g. iPhone, Blackberry, HTC) and other web-enabled small screen devices such as tablets (e.g. iPad, Galaxy Tab).

Mobile QuickSearch from your smartphone

Mobile QuickSearch is perfect for searching for library items such as books, journals and even exam papers from your smartphone. Mobile QuickSearch also offers access to your Library Account to view your checked out items and to renew (subject to the usual renewal policies). You’ll also find Library information such as opening hours and locations of branch libraries. More information about Mobile QuickSearch.

Save the Mobile QuickSearch URL to your device now:

QR (quick response) codes

QR codes are a type of barcode which can be read by smartphones. You may have seen these codes already in advertisements or food packaging. You’ll now start to see them in the Library and on some of our search services.

Here’s the QR code for our new Mobile QuickSearch

If you have a smartphone, you may find that scanning the QR Code is more convenient than writing down long and complicated URLs or contact details on scraps of paper. Most modern phones with a camera are capable of reading these codes. Your phone must have a QR Reader app to allow this; you can easily download an app (usually free of charge) if your smartphone does not already have one. More information about QR codes.

More mobile services to come

Mobile QuickSearch and QR codes are the first developments specifically for mobile devices introduced to the Library. More coming soon!

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