New Lanark Visitors’ Books

As mentioned previously, Archive Services hold a collection of records of New Lanark Mills.  One of the highlights of the collection is the series of visitor books, which tell us more about the people who came to the village to learn more about the community in the early nineteenth century.

It was fitting that it was today, World Heritage Day, that I arranged to take the visitors book dating from the early 1820s to a conservator to investigate the potential for conservation treatment.  Thanks to a grant from the Friends of Glasgow University Library, we will be able to undertake treatment to repair damage to the book and to digitise it.  This will allow us to make the information more widely accessible and ensure the long-term preservation of the original.   We will be undertaking this work over the course of 2011 – 2012.

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  1. Hi Clare, my name is Nuria Salvador, (architect and master in conservation heritage). I am developing part of my PhD in Edinburgh, because I am doing a comparision between some Spanish industrial colonies and New Lanark. I don’t Know If it is possible ( maybe if you have digitised the book it is easier) but I would like to Know the name of the spanish people who visited New Lanark in the past, and the date when they did it. I have been reading about the place, and I have found that, among the loads of visitors, some of them were from Spain ( referenced in ‘David Dale of New Lanark’ written by David J.McLaren).

    I would be really greatful if you can confirm me that you could check this for me.
    If not, I would like to Know if it is possible to see the book personally. I am staying in Scotland until 20th of December, so I could organize a trip to Glasgow just in order to look for spanish visitors in the book. I could go there one day of the second or third week of December. Please, let me Know If it is necessary that I travel to there and If I need to make an appointment.

    If you have any doubt or you need some more information, please, don’t hesitate contact me.
    Thank you beforehand

    Nuria Salvador (Training University Teacher. Projects Department. School of Architecture. Valencia, Spain)

    • Dear Nuria,

      Thanks for your message, it’s interesting to hear about your PhD.

      You are more than welcome to come to our searchroom to look at the New Lanark visitors’ books. The books are not currently digitised – so you do need to come for a visit.

      The Duty Archivist will be in touch shortly to give you the details you need.

      Best wishes,

      • Hi Clare,
        thank you for your reply. You have been really quick!
        So then I am going to organize a trip to Glasgow to check the visitors’ book.

        Kind regards,
        Nuria Salvador

  2. I am interested in learning whether Otto Huettner, a young man from Leipzig Germany, signed the visitors’ book on Aug.16, 1825. I have his diary and a description of his visit to New Lanark. There are also two engravings of New Lanark on one page, which may be of interest you because they have printed Cyrillic inscriptions on them.
    Britta Fischer
    Prof. Emerita
    Emmanuel College
    Boston. Massachusetts

    • Hi Prof Fischer, thank you for your message and apologies for the delay in our reply.
      We have checked the visitors’ book (our ref UGD42/7/1/3) and can confirm that Otto Huettner signed the book on 16th August 1825.
      If you wish to visit us to view the visitors’ book or order a copy of the page please see our website for details:
      Best wishes,
      Emma Yan
      Duty Archivist

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