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As it is coming up to exam time there is an increasing demand for past exam papers, so the following is a summary of how to find them.

Staff and students of the University of Glasgow can view exam papers for the past four years online on the Library’s website by using the specialist exam papers search option.  There are also some good hints and tips for efficient and accurate exam paper searching available along with a video on how to find them.

The past four years’ worth of papers should be sufficient, but if you wish to view exam papers from 2006 and earlier you are welcome to consult print copies at the University’s Archive Services.

You must make an appointment and request papers in advance of your visit. Requests submitted by 9.30am will usually be available after 2.00pm that day, and requests made after 9.30am will be available the next day after 2.00pm.  When requesting papers please include the degree (eg BSc (Hons), LLB) and date(s) (eg 2006, 2005) of the volumes that you are looking for.

Archive Services does not offer self-service photocopying facilities, however we can photocopy papers on your behalf through our copying service.  The current cost is 21p per A4 sheet.  Please note that it may not always be possible for papers to be copied for you on the same day.  You are also welcome to take digital photographs of the volumes, free of charge, for private study or research.

For more information please see our guide to printed exam papers.

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