Scotland’s 100 oldest companies

This month David Luck, the Business Archives Council of Scotland (BACS)Records of Scotland's industry in situ Surveying Officer working at the University of Glasgow, will start a new project to map out the existing records of the hundred oldest Scottish Companies still registered with Company House.

The limited company has allowed Scottish businesses and community groups to flourish and grow beyond the lives of their founders, and become important entities in Scottish life in their own right. The project celebrates 150 years of the modern limited liability company, as well as the richness of Scottish business heritage. These oldest companies range from large multinationals to small local industry, from banks to golf clubs, from hotels to brick-makers, and represent the full spectrum of Scottish business and community enterprise.

The aim of this project is to produce an online resource that will detail the records of historical value created by the hundred companies, including a history of company achievement and agreed access points for interested users and researchers. The overall purpose is to make the most of all the collections discovered, and unlock the hidden value and potential that may have been forgotten for both businesses and users. Progress on the project can be found on the project wiki, and news and some specific case studies will be posted up on the BACS blog.

David is very happy to answer any comments or suggestions either on here or the other websites, or via his email address

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