Victorian Christmas Greetings

If you haven’t tired of snowy scenes yet (!), check out the latest Special Collections flickr set which features a small selection of Victorian Christmas cards.

Victorian Christmas card

Victorian Christmas card

These are from an album of Christmas and other greetings cards compiled by Elma Story (1866-1941) at the end of the 19th century. Elma was the daughter of Robert Herbert Story (1835-1907), who was Principal of the University of Glasgow from 1898 until his death in 1907. Although some of the cards depict traditional Christmas scenes, a few of them now seem slightly strange in content …

Nativity scene

Nativity scene

If that isn’t enough to get you into the festive spirit, come up to level 12 of the library to see our current small display of books. We are showcasing some 15th century books at the moment to highlight the ongoing work of the Glasgow Incunabula Project. Over the Christmas period, we are displaying two books which contain illustrations depicting the nativity and the adoration of the Magi.

The view from the reading room is also quite spectacular at the moment!

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  1. Really nice interesting images. I guess you’ve now picked up that it is not a swallow but a goldfinch….

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