Friday Gem from the Stoddard – Templeton Design Archive: Art Nouveau

We have been working on the project to catalogue the thousands of sketches and patterns that make up the design archive of the Stoddard – Templeton Collection for almost a month now, and even in this short time, we have already discovered lots of interesting, varied and beautiful designs – so many in fact, that we have decided to share our favourites (or anything else we find that’s interesting) with you each week. So tune in every Friday to catch our “Friday gem from the Stoddard -Templeton Design Archive”!

The design chosen as this week’s gem is an Art Nouveau style design, by a German designer called Lange, who was based in the city of Chemnitz in Saxony in Germany. Chemnitz was one of the leading Art Nouveau centres of the time – it is today still home to one of the most complete Art Nouveau suburbs in Europe. Stoddard’s, as one of leading carpet manufacturers in the world, were always keen to keep up to date with the latest fashions and design trends. So they bought designs not just from designers in the UK, but from all over Europe, in order to meet the high demand for the latest fashions in interior design and the decorative arts.

For more information on the Stoddard – Templeton Collection please click here.

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