Dear Lecturer – how to ensure we have the information your students need

At this time of year Library staff are starting to order and process material for next semester. We like to make sure that we have enough copies of the books, journal articles and other information that you will be recommending your students to read for their courses, essays and assignments.

If you would like the Library to have copies of recommended materials available for your students please let us know what you will be telling them to read.

Students selecting booksIf we don’t have any copies of the books you want you can ask us to order them via the online book suggestion form

You can also fill out the Material to be made available in the Short Loan Collection Form electronically and e-mail it to or print it out and send it by post to the Library Services Desk, University of Glasgow Library. This covers books and journal articles.  The earlier you send us your requests and forms, the earlier we can start work  making sure all the material your students will need is available.

There is a lot more information available on our web pages, including how to make digitised copies of articles and conference papers available if we don’t subscribe to the journal that they come from or the item is only normally available in paper.

The best news is that our agreements with some publishers now allow us to load pdfs of their journal articles directly into Moodle,  if you’d like to do this please contact the library staff who work with our e-journals on

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