What and where is the Library Research Annexe (LRA)?

When you carry out a ‘Search for Library items’ you may find that some items are listed as being in the Library Research Annexe (LRA) so what is the LRA?

Entrance to the LRA

The LRA is a building that holds information which is no longer used frequently but that is still of significant importance to researchers and other users.  The LRA currently has some 11.5 kilometers of stock made up of periodicals, books, microfilms, second copies of University of Glasgow theses,  Parliamentary Papers and newspapers.

Quiet study and research spacesIt plays a vital role in storing valuable research material in a safe and secure environment, along with providing excellent, on site, consultation facilities, parking for visitors, well laid out signage and 24 hour on site security.

Most material can be borrowed although we cannot issue it directly from the LRA. If you’d like to borrow something from the LRA you can fill in the online form. Requests submitted by 10am are usually available in the main library soon after 12.30pm on the same day.

Finding items for LRA visitorsIf an LRA item is classed for “Consultation Only” it can be sent to Special Collections on Level 12 of the Library for you to read there. Staff at the LRA will advise you if the material you have requested comes into this category. Some items can only be consulted within the LRA itself but we’ll tell you if that’s the case and a convenient time for you to visit can be easily arranged. The building itself is a 2 mile walk from the main Library.

To view a map showing how to reach the LRA on foot click the map below. For directions on how to reach it by car or public transport go to the LRA web pages. The address is: Unit 8, The Point, 29 Saracen Street, Glasgow G22 5HY

To speak to LRA staff call 0141 332 9129 (ext 9129 internally) or e-mail lra@lib.gla.ac.uk. The opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

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