Did you know? Exam Papers

 Exam papers for the last 4 years are available in PDF format to all  staff and students of the University. They can be viewed from either on of off campus.

Before starting your search a useful tip with  exam papers is  that you log in via your library record at the very beginning as this will save you from having to key in your name and library barcode each time you wish to view a paper. Once you have logged on Exam papers can be searched by choosing Exam Papers from  our  Search for Library Items page

Keyword searching is recommended and will rank titles by relevance. Select the title of interest to view or print the individual exam papers. Keyword search examples:

  • history exam (for all history exam papers)
  • commercial banking exam (for all commercial banking exam papers)
  • engineering 2007 exam (for all 2007 engineering exam papers)

If you would like to see how this looks, the video below shows you the step by step process for  this search.

We also hold the previous 4 years in paper form on Level  3 of the Main Library outside the Photocopying Room.  These can not be borrowed but are available for all to consult.

Previous years are also held by the library in our College Collection held in Stack. This is a closed access area, but Exam Papers can be requested  by filling out an online request form.

Your request should include details of degree, level (either Ordinary or Honours) and year. The specific title of the exam paper is not required as the papers are bound by degree and the entire volume will be retrieved. If B.Sc. (Engineering) or M.A. (Social Science) are required, please stipulate, as these are bound separately from the other B.Sc. and M.A. papers.

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