Group Study Space – availability

One of the most commonly asked questions at the Welcome desk is, “What group study facilities do you have?”

The answer is that we have six formal rooms, taking from 4 to 8 people, with the larger ones being suitable for two small groups to share if demand is high. Any group of three students or more can book a study room although we advise that you do so 24hrs ahead of when you need it if at all possible, bookings can be made up to two weeks ahead so if you have a presentation due in the next few weeks simply book a room near to the completion day. Bookings are currently being taken at the Welcome desk on level 2.  More information on the facilities within each individual room can be seen on our website.

If an individual room is not available remember that the whole of the Library’s level 3 is also designated as a group study space. We are happy for you to meet and work quietly at the tables or sofa spaces near the photocopy room and circular desk area or in the new pods in the refreshment area.

Study spacesThe six refurbished areas with red seating can seat more than one small group working simultaneously and these spaces also provide somewhere for groups to plug-in their laptops and display the screen up on the wall so everyone can see and work together on presentations and papers.

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