Level 3 annexe opens on Monday 5 October 2009

The level 3 annexe is almost ready and will be open for business on Monday 5 October.

Prof Andrea Nolan, Helen Durndell and Prof Neal Juster

Prof Andrea Nolan, Helen Durndell and Prof Neal Juster

What’s in there?

Cafe area with group study seating behind

Cafe area with group study seating behind

There are study pods, group study areas, café facilities with comfortable seating, journals and newspapers.

All in a space looking out through a full-size glass wall to Bute Gardens.

View from cafe through new picture wall

View from cafe through new picture wall

Sofas and staircase to more sofas

Sofas and staircase to more sofas

There’s a spiral staircase leading to comfy sofas and the Rest and be Thoughtful refreshment space.

More pictures can be seen in the ‘Library Spaces’ set.

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10 replies

  1. The vending machines from Level 2 will be placed in the new Level 3 area from Monday 19th October and we are currently discussing the opening date of the cafe and what will be available. We’ll let you know as soon as possible.

  2. Now that the building work is completely finished, when will the path between Hillhead Street and Bute Gardens be reopened? The builders have gone, but left that huge wooden partition blocking the only quick route from the central campus to the Adam Smith Building.

  3. Definitely worth the extra day’s wait! Love how colourful it is. The booths and the circular seating areas are a winner, already seen quite a few groups make use of them. Is the cafe going to be selling just drinks, or will there be snacks and sandwiches too?

  4. Lovely – am very impressed with the mix of textures, colours and materials. Can’t believe it’s the same room!

  5. Great use of space and ideal for small group break-outs. Makes the Library yet again an attractive place to visit and use.

  6. I tried out all the seats. Very comfy!

    Such a vibrant, fun space. It’s hard to remember what it used to look like here. I wish I was a student again!

  7. Library staff have been given a sneak preview and it’s brilliant, amazing, wonderful. I love the way the space flows. The wavy ceiling gives a sense of sophisticated space whilst the open areas of roof space give us the same environmental efficiencies as in the Fraser building.

    All the seating is comfy with a wide range of styles meaning anyone should be able to find a seat that suits.

    The laptop connection and shared table spaces that allow users to show their screen on a larger visual display during group work are a great idea.

    The curved seating spaces allow more social working whilst helping act as noise baffles for those working at laptops in the area.

    From a purely aesthetic viewpoint it’s a very tactile space.

  8. Love all the fabrics and colours, the daylight and lights. Enjoy!


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