Library Staff Go Roving

Between Monday 20th April and Thursday 14th May Enquiries staff piloted a new  ‘roving support’ service offering enquiry services in a less traditional way on the floors where students are working. Shifts were shared between our three Graduate Trainees and three Enquiry service supervisors.

Roving Staff Logo

Roving Staff Logo

During each shift one staff member walked around the main floors, and where applicable the annexe areas, of either levels 4-8 or 9-11. Staff were identified by a badge, with the text ‘Here to Help’ and an image of green question marks, they wore their library lanyards and carryied a ring binder with the same branding.
Staff have recorded usage statistics to gauge the overall uptake and popularity of the service, demand by library level, and identified common queries etc. These, and other factors, will now be discussed in a focus group, including all participating staff. In addition, library users have been asked to complete an anonymous form to provide feedback about their perceptions of the usefulness of such a service and any other comments they wish to make.

Did you see these staff in the Library? Do you think this is a useful idea? Would you like having staff nearby to help you? Please tell us what you think by commenting.

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