Government news from Westminster, Holyrood and Brussels 12th May 2009

What’s in the news – Westminster, Holyrood and Brussels:

 Westminster news

  • Access to Justice: evidence of the experiences of adults with mental health problems – Min of Justice: report summarising international research evidence on the experiences of adults with mental health problems in the justice system
  • Access to Justice: evidence of the experiences of minority groups based on ethnicity, identity and sexuality – Min. of Justice: Research report reviewing evidence on the experiences of minority groups in the justice system.
  • Economic indicators, May 2009 – House of Commons Research Paper 09/40 – summarises the main economic indicators currently available for the UK, along with comparisons with other major OECD countries for selected indicators. The series also includes articles on topical matters – this issue’s article is on ‘The 2009 Budget: economic and public finance forecasts’.
  • Report of the Expert Group on Assessment – Dept. Children, Schools & Families : report on changes to the assessment and accountability system, including the discontinuation of statutory national Key Stage 3 tests. The report considers a range of written and oral evidence from both individuals and organisations. This includes evidence from experienced practitioners as well as from those who are primarily concerned with the theoretical aspects of assessment.
  • Social indicators – House of Commons Research Paper Paper 09/37 – summarises a range of social statistics on subjects including crime, education, health and population. This issue contains a contribution from the Irish Parliament entitled ‘Immigration in Ireland: trends, profiles and effect on public services’. It also features articles on ‘The importance of being active’, ‘What happens when prices fall?’ and ‘Effect of Budget 2009 on departmental expenditure’.
  • Transforming Places; Changing Lives: Taking Forward the Regeneration Framework – Dept. Communities & Local Government
  • Tackling health inequalities: 10 years on – Dept. of Health: reviews developments in health inequalities over the last 10 years across government – from the publication of the Acheson report on health inequalities in November 1998 to the announcement of the post-2010 strategic review of health inequalities in November 2008.  It covers developments across government on the wider social determinants of health, and the role of the NHS.  It provides an assessment of developments against the Acheson report, reviews a range of key data sets covering social, economic, health and environmental indicators, and considers lessons learned and challenges for the future.
  • UK international financial services – the future – HM Treasury: report reflects the view of the UK’s financial services leaders, states that the UK’s financial services sector can continue to be a world leader by working as a genuine partner of British business and emerging economies while embracing the need for global regulatory reform.

Holyrood news 

Brussels news 

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